Foot Massage

At Be4everyoung, we know when your feet hurt your whole body hurts. Thatís why we designed the Rejuvenator Plus, a high powered oscillator to get deep down into the muscle (oscillation creates circulation). The units four powerful nodes are designed to work all day and deliver a rhythmic oscillating massage.

The Rejuvenator Plus is so powerful you will be able to feel it from your feet all the way to your thighs. If youíve been on your feet all day, or have problems with your feet such as arthritis, bad circulation, or they just plain hurt, we can help. (Used by professionals).

Just lay the Rejuvenator on the floor in front of you and place your feet straight down on the special foot nodules designed to hit all the little accupoints on the bottom of your feet, and feel the pain slip away.

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