Sports Rub

Warming, soothing heat rub. When you suffer from arthritis, rheumatism or fibrositis, our sports rub helps reduce swelling and soothe away the pain and stiffness in joints and muscles allowing you to move more freely.


Air Freshening Spray

With its fresh, clean eucalyptus fragrance is the perfect natural freshener for toilet, bathroom, sickroom and for removing stale smoke fumes. It is wonderful as a stain remover and as a laundry pre-wash spray


Bulk Oil and Special Order Products

Eucolife® imports and supplies specialty Australian Eucalyptus Oils to cater for individual needs. This way the best eucalyptus oils can be tailored to enhance a particular product or application


Magic of Eucalyptus Book

Find out how to use Koalaty Bear Brand Eucalyptus products for everything from removing greasy stains, to relieving coughs and colds, treating insect bites and even controlling allergy-causing dust mites in the home.


Steam Vaporizer

The Koalaty Bear™ Brand Steam Vaporizer displays the highest safety standards possible - the water in the tank is not electrified and the inhalant is added directly to the water so there is no medication cup in which the inhalant could be accidentally ingested. Further features include a night light and the water level being clearly evident to avoid overfilling.