Stress from working on a computer, or sitting at a desk all day, or the growing pains of age, i.e. (arthritis, rheumatism) can be a big contributor to sleepless nights. The tightness in the back along with sourness underneath the shoulder blades may help be relieved by using the Professional Touch XL9000 on the upper back just below the neck. Also placing it on an angle underneath the shoulder blade.

The Professional Touch XL9000’s two powerful “thumbs” are designed to deliver a deep rhythmic kneading massage. This feels like a real professional deeply massaging your shoulders.

The quality construction of the ProTouch XL9000 is industrial strength and backed by a lifetime warranty (parts & labor).

While sitting on your sofa or recliner position the unit on desired area of shoulders. Do not immediately place full body weight on unit, but gradually lean into the machine and feel the pain slip away.

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