Lifetime Warranty Information
For Massager Products Only

Persons or Parties Covered by the Warranty

This warranty is extended only to the purchaser of new equipment from an authorized dealer. The products purchased under this agreement shall be used exclusively by the buyer, and therefore, three shall be no third party beneficiary to this warranty

Limitations of Remedy
A purchase receipt or other proof of purchase will be required before warranty service or replacement can be performed. The existence of the claimed defects in any product covered by this warranty is subject to inspection by an authorized dealer and judgment. Body-Tech LLC liability is limited to repair of any defect found by the authorized dealer, or at Body-Tech LLC option, the replacement of the defective unit, free of charge, F.O.B. shipping place and the defective product has been returned by the purchaser at his/her expense to the dealer's shipping place. Under no circumstances whatever shall Body-Tech LLC and its authorized dealers be liable for any special or consequential damage, weather based on goodwill, lost resell profit, work sabotage, impairment of other goods or otherwise and either arising out of breach of contract, negligence or otherwise.

Use of Defective Product
Continued use of the product after discovery of a defect voids all warranties.

Repaired or Altered Equipment
Except as authorized in writing, the warranty specified does not cover any equipment that has been repaired or altered by any party other than Body-Tech LLC or an authorized dealer except as stated above. All other warranties and conditions. either expressed or implied, including implied warrantors of mechanical ability and fitness for a particular purposes are excluded and buyer assumes all Risk and liability resulting from use of the goods. Body-Tech LLC nether assumes or authorizes any persons to assume for any other liability in connection with the sale or use of the goods sold and there are no trial agreements or warranties collateral to or affecting this written agreement. This warranty and all understandings shall be governed by the laws of the state of Missouri, United States of America.

Body-Tech LLC warrants that each new and unused product supplied is of good workmanship and is free from any inherent mechanical defects provided that (1) The product is operated in accordance with the printed instructions for the product (2) The product is used under normal conditions for which it was designed. (3)the product is not subject to misuse, neglect, or accident. (4) The product received proper care, protection, and maintenance. This warranty is subject to the following provisions: Parts and labor are covered under the terms of this warranty after purchase from an authorized dealer. All parts and labor are covered to the original purchaser for the life of this machine.